5 Cheapest travel destinations in the world

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Travelling can be budget blowing if you do not know the right places to go to , and do not have a genuine estimation of how much you can be spending daily , at explotravel.com we explore the world for you, and provide you with the five (5) cheapest travel destinations in the world. Prices below have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget (tourists attractions aside). These places are not only affordable, they Also come with beautiful food , amazing cultures and breathtaking sites .


Situated in the South East , Bulgaria is one of the cheapest travel destinations in Europe .The country is rich in tourist sights and historical artifacts, and is internationally known for its seaside and winter Resorts . It has attractive big cities like Sofia (capital city), Varna and Plovdi.

Transportation prices: The major cities have many transportation options to choose from, maximum one way bus tickets in Sofia range from 2$ , a day ticket for all lines is 5$ . A 3 hour bus ride starts from 6 to 12$ .
Taxi prices start from 3.50$ around the capital city .A little as 10.50$ gets you ride out of the airport , Train fare around the country is less than 17$, you can go from Sofia to Bucharest ( Capital city of Romania) for just 16$.

Food: eating out is very affordable, Enjoy Bulgarian
breakfast delights such as banichka(cheesy pastry) , BOZA (fermented traditional beverage) from around 1.50$ at both restaurants and Tarvens around the friendly cities . You can get a three course meal in an inexpensive restaurant for around 9 to 11$ , 500ml beer is around 0.80 $, local vodka start from 4$.

Accomodation: Hotel room prices per night ,for 1 or 2 people range from 23$-50$

Ps: accomodations prices may vary depending on the season

Tourists Attractions: The top tourists attractions to visit are – the Black sea, The ancient town of Nesebar with cobblestone streets, restaurants and bars that overlook the sea and churches dating back as far as the 4th century to the 18th century. Other ancient sites include Plovdiv ,St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral ,The Vitosha mountains (a national park that offers hiking and skiing activities), and The Varna sea garden.

Daily average spending budget: 40$ ,36€, 31£


Situated in eastern Europe , a beautiful place to visit with mountain ranges (Carpathian Mountains) suitable for hiking,skiing fishing. The capital and biggest city is Kiev

NB: US travelers- the department of States has issued a travel advisory for some areas of the Ukraine.For more information, please read the Us Dept of State travel advisory for Ukraine.

Transportation: one-way ticket for the local minibuses commonly called marshrutka is 0.50$, for a normal taxi , tarif is 1.50$.

Food: local food such as borsch, Pierogi, kotlety are less than 3$, a meal in a cheap restaurant is 5$ for 2 people, a western fast food combomeal is 3$, domestic beer from 0.70 $, imported beer is 1.50$ ,a bottle of premium vodka is 15$ , soda and juice are around 0.59$.

Accommodation: Hotel prices in Kiev (capital city) start around 24$ , and 15$ in the small cities.

Tourists Attractions: St Michael’s Monastery: a stunningly beautiful monastery situated at the top of Andrew’s slope in Kiev. Carpathian Mountains: a beautiful natural setting with meadows fields and forests ,a wildlife which includes the brown wolves,bears and lynxes. St Andrew’s church : a very ornate and intricate architect built in 1755.

Daily average spending Budget :38$ ,33€ ,30£


Situated in Asia in the eastern Indochinese peninsula , Vietnam is a land of staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities, the capital city is Hanoi , and biggest city is Ho Chi Minh , Although many people still associate the country with war and suffering, Vietnam is now seen as a trendy vacay destination.

Transportation: Local buses in and between towns are around 5$ a day.

Food: Local restaurants are so cheap that you only need a total of 8$ per day for food including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sugar cane juice is 0.20 $ , a bottle of water is 0.10$ , a Vietnamese coffee is 0.9$ and local beer is 0.50$

Accomodation: hotel rooms 26-50$

Tourists Attractions : Halong bay boat ,Phú Quõc, Phong Nka-Kė Bàng National park

Daily average spending budget: 37$,32€,29£


Situated on the North west of Southern America, the country has beautiful islands such as the Galapagos islands, the country’s currency is USD, and it is considered as one of the cheapest destinations in South America, its capital city Quito is a UNESCO world heritage Site and a fun city to explore

Transportation: city buses are 0.25$, city Taxi 3-4$, inter-city buses 1.50$/hour of travel time

Food: street food such as empanadas,skewers of chicken or carne, slices of pizza are 1$-2$ each , a full course meal in a restaurant including chicken, carne with potatoes,rice, French fries or beans with juice or soda are 4$-9$, hotdogs, hamburgers start from 2$-3$, domestic beer is 1$, mojitos , and other cocktails are 3-5$.

Accomodation: hotel rooms around 20-40$

Tourists Attractions: Entrance fee into Ciudad mitad del Mundo (The Middle of The World Monument) is 2$. It is called the middle of the world because you can literally put one foot in the Northern hemisphere and the other in the southern hemisphere. Surrounding the monument includes several restaurants and folk-lore shops, museum and a planetarium .Climb the towers of the Gothic church of basilica del volto Nacional in Quito for 3$, half day canyoning in Banos is 30$. Other sites include the
Galapagos islands , Amazon rainforest and ThenCotopaxi mountain.

Daily average Budget: 36$,31€,28£

The cheapest travel destination on our list is definitely:


Philippines is an archipelago country situated in the western Pacific ocean in SouthEast Asia, it consists of about 7,641 islands ,the capital city is Manilla and the most populated city is Quezon .

Transportation: buses, jeepneys(most popular means of transportation in the Philippines) ,tricycles rides are less than a dollar, Domestic flights- 20$.

Food: western fast-foods are 3$/meal, local food such as chicken adobo, balut, kare kare are less than 3$.You can spend 9$/day on food starting from your breakfast, lunch to dinner, a local beer is less than 1$ , coconut juice 0.29$, bottled water 0.18$.

Accommodation: hotel rooms are around 20$
Renting a cheap bamboo hut on the beach for 5 days can cost you around 100$

Tourists Attractions: Boracay (White beach & mount luho views), Mactan (seaside resort, scuba diving,whale shark,beach, )chocolate hills, Puerto Princesa subterranean river, rice terraces of the Philippine

Daily average Budget: 34$ ,30€,26£

You can now travel around the world to these beautiful destinations without blowing your budget.
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